Orrin D., Knee Replacement

My husband normally does not consume adequate amounts of protein. The nutrition program made all the difference in the pre-surgery stage because his protein levels were enhanced! Then, the healing post-surgery using the nutrition program was invaluable because it enhanced the healing, but most importantly, it provided the perfect pre-medication drink. Due to the high pain levels post-surgery, he was prescribed strong pain medication. I always gave him a small amount of food, if he could tolerate it, before the medication. However, the nutrition program worked perfectly to give with the medication because oftentimes he had an aversion to the food because of stomach upset. His stomach was never upset with the protein drink... I highly recommend the nutrition program for joint replacement surgery. It was also recommended by the surgeon. I witnessed the incision and bruises heal in a shorter time, and the muscle tone returned quicker than in my own personal 4 joint replacement surgeries.
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