About Us

Championing Your Recovery

At ENROUTE™, we are dedicated to supporting patients and healthcare professionals, driven by our mission to build better outcomes through innovative, evidence-based nutrition.

Our Team

Our diverse team serves as the driving force behind our commitment to pushing boundaries, advancing knowledge, and transforming the healthcare landscape.

Our team members and medical advisors include Surgeons, Registered Dietitians, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Exercise Physiology Experts, and Biomedical Engineers.

Our Journey

Our story began with a team of dedicated nutrition experts at McMaster University in 2016, united by a passion for enhancing patient outcomes.

Motivated by a gap in specialized nutrition to improve surgical outcomes, we set out to develop our groundbreaking solution.

Years of research, collaboration, and expertise culminated in ENROUTE’s evidence-based formulation, designed to meet the increased nutritional needs crucial for surgical recovery.

Today, we partner with hundreds of surgeons who recommend ENROUTE to thousands of patients across North America, helping them return to their daily lives quicker after surgery.

Our Commitment

We stand behind our commitment to quality and efficacy.

Our products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified facility. Rigorous testing and stringent quality control measures ensure that ENROUTE exceeds the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.

Join us as we continue our pursuit of improving surgical outcomes through innovative, evidence-based nutrition.

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