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ENROUTE™ is a complete surgical nutrition program designed to help you prepare better and recover faster.

Easy to Follow

Pre-portioned servings

Shaker Bottle Included

ENROUTE Features 2 Patented Drink Formulas

Taken twice daily for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.

ENROUTE Build packaging: Multi-nutrient formula, French Vanilla flavor. Medical food. Use under medical supervision. 26g protein. 1.5g creatine. 225mg calcium, 500IU vitamin D. 1 serving. Net weight 1.7 oz. (47g)


56 servings (4-week supply) included

Build your body with essential nutrients for surgical preparation and faster recovery.

A multi-nutrient formula with protein, creatine, calcium and vitamin D, designed to help you:

  • Preserve muscle mass and strength
  • Support bone health
  • Enhance immune function
  • Promote wound healing
ENROUTE Prepare packaging. Complex carbohydrate formula. Tropical citrus flavor. Medical food. User under medical supervision. 50g maltodextrin, 214mg electrolytes, 0g sugar added. 1 serving. Net weight 1.9oz. (54g)


2 servings (1-day supply) included

Prepare your body for the metabolic stress of surgery and improve post-surgical outcomes.

A complex carbohydrate formula that follows preoperative medical guidelines, designed to help you:

  • Help combat surgical stress
  • Optimize metabolism
  • Boost hydration
  • Improve well-being (less thirst, hunger, anxiety)

How It Works

ENROUTE Protocol. Take ENROUTE Build twice daily for 14 days before surgery. Take ENROUTE Prepare twice the evening before surgery. Take ENROUTE Build twice daily for 14 days after surgery. Note: If your surgery is less than 14 days away, you can still benefit by starting as soon as possible.

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Made with Ingredients that Empower You

Made with Ingredients that Empower You

✔️ Protein Isolate

Helps meet your body's increased need for protein, reduces muscle loss, and improves healing.

✔️ Creatine

Helps offset muscle loss, improves cognitive function, and reduces fatigue related to surgery.

✔️ Calcium

Helps play an important role in bone, muscle, and immune health.

✔️ Vitamin D

Helps support bone health and also benefits other body systems.

Our Registered Dietitian Explains ENROUTE: The Importance of Nutrition in Surgery

Why Nutrition is Important for Surgery

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