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I can confidently say that I love the nutrition product and plan to continue using it even after my recovery journey. The positive impact it has had on my well-being has been significant and has motivated me to continue its usage. Since starting to take the nutrition program, I have experienced increased energy levels, especially before my surgery. As someone involved in the construction industry, the boost in energy was particularly noticeable and appreciated. Being a naturally high-energy individual, I was pleasantly surprised by the additional stamina it provided.
Lisa M., Knee Replacement
I am vegetarian so I always have concerns about getting adequate nutrition. So, I was eager to start the nutrition program to make sure I got the necessary nutrients to prepare and recover from surgery. My experience with the nutrition program has been positive and I really liked the vanilla flavor. Incorporating the nutrition program into my daily routine was straightforward. The convenient individual packets served as helpful reminders, as I sometimes forgot whether I had taken both. Leaving them on the counter and seeing them disappear helped me ensure I had consumed both packets.
Chris A., Surgical Patient
Since incorporating the nutrition program into my daily routine, I've experienced remarkable benefits. I recovered rapidly, and both my physical therapist and doctor were pleased with my progress. I consistently performed well on the averages, and my recovery was faster than anticipated.I was very satisfied with the taste and I even looked forward to consuming it daily. It became something I genuinely missed when I didn't have it. Incorporating the nutrition program into my daily routine took only a day or two to become a habit. It was easy to fit into my schedule, and it soon became a seamless part of my daily routine.
Roy M., Hip Replacement
I have not had any previous surgeries, and I wanted to take this to aid in my recovery.  Since incorporating the nutrition program into my daily routine, I've experienced several fantastic benefits. First and foremost, the taste is excellent, earning a solid 10/10 rating from me. Additionally, I've noticed a significant increase in my energy levels and strength, which has been incredibly beneficial for my overall well-being. I must emphasize that the taste of the nutrition program is not only delicious but also easy to consume. I have had no adverse reactions, and it goes down very smoothly without causing any health issues. I am so happy about my experience that I am repurchasing it to incorporate it in my daily diet.
Robert H., Surgical Patient
Since starting to take the nutrition program, I've experienced some amazing benefits. Not only did it help me recover from my surgery incredibly fast, but I also felt a significant boost in my energy levels. It's been a game-changer for my overall well-being. Due to my experience, I have already recommended it to many people because I've seen such fantastic results. Compared to other protein supplements I've used in the past, I must say that I like this nutrition program better. It simply delivers results that are hard to beat.
Beverly V., Surgical Patient
My husband normally does not consume adequate amounts of protein. The nutrition program made all the difference in the pre-surgery stage because his protein levels were enhanced! Then, the healing post-surgery using the nutrition program was invaluable because it enhanced the healing, but most importantly, it provided the perfect pre-medication drink. Due to the high pain levels post-surgery, he was prescribed strong pain medication. I always gave him a small amount of food, if he could tolerate it, before the medication. However, the nutrition program worked perfectly to give with the medication because oftentimes he had an aversion to the food because of stomach upset. His stomach was never upset with the protein drink... I highly recommend the nutrition program for joint replacement surgery. It was also recommended by the surgeon. I witnessed the incision and bruises heal in a shorter time, and the muscle tone returned quicker than in my own personal 4 joint replacement surgeries.
Orrin D., Knee Replacement
I had an amazing recovery!!! I followed a very serious pre-surgery routine, which included the nutrition program. I have also kept on using it after surgery. My muscle mass has improved quite a bit, and for someone at 69 years young... WOW! My husband, at 80 years old, has been using it and had the same results at his last physical. Ordering was easy and quick to understand. We received excellent customer service. Thank you!
Sandy C., Knee Replacement

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