Patient Testimonials

Discover how ENROUTE™ has helped patients with their surgeries.

​​I recently tried the nutrition program and found it to be a great help in my recovery process. As someone who struggled to meet my nutritional needs through food alone, this product really made a difference for me. I would definitely recommend it to a friend or colleague, rating my likelihood of doing so as 10 out of 10. In terms of taste, I found it to be perfectly fine and actually enjoyed it. Overall, I had a good experience with the customer service team, as they were able to ensure timely delivery of my bundle.
Dale T., Knee Replacement
I loved everything about your product which I used for two total knee replacements. There is no question that the supplement itself helped me prepare and recover from surgery. In addition, everything I was supplied with, from the instructions to the packaging to the shaker for making drinks was very well thought out and functional. And they tasted great. Thank you!!!
David Y., Knee Replacement
I truly believe that it has made a difference in [hip replacement surgery] recovery. To me honestly I think my recovery has gone really well. I am recovering alone and doing well. I really think it made a difference.
Irene D., Hip Replacement
The nutrition program made it incredibly easy and quick for me to consume. As a result, my physical recovery progress has been excellent, and I'm pleased to say that it has played a vital role in my overall program.
Shannon B., Knee Replacement

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