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Felt fantastic the whole time, even right after the surgery, mood was great, had energy, felt great. Protein does do things!
Cynthia Y., Hip Replacement
The supplement provided me with increased energy, improved recovery, and faster healing, which I found to be great benefits. In terms of taste, I found the product to be good, with a particular preference for the vanilla flavor. It was also easy to incorporate into my daily routine since all I needed to do was mix it with water and drink it between meals. I can say that I had a wonderful experience with the customer service team.
Barbara H., Knee Replacement
The product worked really well for me. I had one knee replacement 5 years ago and the recovery was wicked. In my partial knee replacement (while using the nutrition program), my recovery was much easier. My wound healed better and faster.
Betts M., Knee Replacement
I had my two knees replaced and took it 2 times a day. It was easy to mix and it tasted great. I felt great too; I had more energy right when I started taking it. I recovered quickly and would recommend it to any others having surgery.
Tony M., Knee Replacement
The flavor and taste of the product were absolutely delightful. I religiously consumed it before my surgery, firmly believing that it played a crucial role in facilitating my speedy rehabilitation process.
Susan B., Hip Replacement
Tastes amazing. Tastes like a vanilla bean Frappuccino when blended with ice.
Joy W., Knee Replacement
It tasted great. Never got sick of it, never hard to take, never got tired. I loved taking it. Never made me feel tired and always had a lot of energy after. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. I would recommend to anyone having surgery.
Shirley F., Knee Replacement

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